Christmas Gift Ideas for the Creative People in your Life

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Creative People in your Life

It's that time of year again and Christmas is right around the corner. You've probably got a few creative people on your list and are on the hunt to find that one-of-a-kind gift.

Whether you're shopping for mum, grandma, your sister, daughter or yourself, put your feet up because we've taken the stress out of finding the perfect present this Christmas. Here are our top picks for extraordinarily un-standard jewellery to gift the stylish, creative person in your life.


1. For the Style Icon

GRAPEFRUIT | Winter Fruit Earrings 


AFFOGATO | Layered Necklace Set


JACKFRUIT | Winter Fruit Earrings



2. For the Quirky Artist  

GRANNY SMITH | Winter Fruit Earrings


ROSEWATER| Wildflower Chunky Rose Gold Earrings 


STRAWBERRY | Crystal Pendant Necklace



3. For the Hard Worker Who Needs a Mini Break

 ROYAL GALA | Winter Fruit Earrings



SAGE | Crystal Pendant Necklace


CUSTARD APPLE | Winter Fruit Earrings




4. For the Plant Mum 

PEAR | Winter Fruit Earrings


"THREE" | Aventurine Crystal Earrings



FERN | Charm Earrings



5. For the Domestic Goddess

KĀKĀRIKI | Charm Earrings


MATCHA | Resin Pendant Necklace


SHELL PINK | Wildflower Small Gem Earrings


6. For the Café Connoisseur

SPICE | Resin Flower Pendant Necklace 


SUNSET| Layered Necklace Set


ORANGE | Winter Fruit Earrings 





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