Our Why

Everyday Jewellery That Isn't Boring.   

We ALL know how repetitive life can be. Especially when it comes to monotonous routines — our day can feel pretty dull sometimes. This got us thinking… how could we bring a little more sunshine to our week? Unique, cheerful jewellery was our solution. 

We went out to find some fun everyday jewellery that would pick us up from the mid-week slump—a bright pair of earrings or a necklace that didn’t take life too seriously. The thing was, the selection of “everyday jewellery” in stores were so… boring! The options were dainty, plain, and simple — but it wasn’t us. 

So, we decided to make our own.

We’re all about making new standards of everyday jewellery. We want to shake up the rhythm of mundanity with playful, one-of-a-kind pieces to elevate the everyday.

If plain everyday jewellery is what you’re after, you’re probably not going to find that here. Unique, handcrafted designs are what we do best. Nothing we create is perfect, and that’s why we love it. Our work is made by hand, it's spontaneous, thoughtful and full of character.

We create jewellery for ourselves and those who want something more than simple perfection. Standard Make celebrates unique individuality — because we want you to feel anything but standard.

Let’s refresh tired routines with joyful jewellery for every day. 


Simeon & Victoria,

Founders of Standard Make



Standard Make is a Māori & Pasifika owned business based in Aotearoa. It is a collaboration by sisters Victoria & Simeon (Ngāti Whatua, Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Tamatera, Kuki ‘Airani).