Behind Standard Make

STANDARD MAKE: Inspired by our "everyday"; we create art which isn't bound by anyone else's standards.

Our focus it to take a mindful approach to every piece we create. Respecting the difference between art and a product. It’s not just about the end-product, but also the purpose and story behind it which makes it great.

For STANDARD MAKE, this means creating pieces that celebrate things which are native to us and share "our" stories. It also means disregarding the conventional standards of "beauty" and setting our own standards of what looks good, feels good and is perhaps a bit thought-provoking. We aspire to create pieces which represent things we are passionate about. Inclusivity + sustainability always being first.

We’re not bound by convention or other peoples standards of beautiful. 

We are all our own standard makers.


Every piece is unique. Every pair is one-off. This is our STANDARD for every MAKE.


We are 24-year-old sisters from Aotearoa New Zealand, who like to dabble in anything creative. We love to experiment with new ideas, watch great films and cook good food.                                                                                                    
From ideation to delivery, everything is done by us. We make sure that all of our pieces are handled and packaged perfectly.            

We hope that our work brings you as much excitement as it brings us.